Saturday, January 14, 2017

14 months with Cove

Cove is 14 months old now, and its flown by. Were so glad he is a part of our family and he has been such a blessing. He has been the easiest baby and kid so far. He is very friendly and very loving too. 

We made it 10 1/2 months nursing, and it was wonderful. It was so nice to have a good experience this time around. It did make him very clingy and a mama's boy, but I am not complaining one bit. With him being the last baby we are all soaking up every second we can. The good and the bad.

He is a pretty good eater, but definitely has his favorite things. He loves hot dogs, chicken nuggets, different kinds of beans, cheese, olives, raisins, scrambled eggs, and crackers. He loves his baby cheetos, and just recently started liking a few different candies. He does not like and fruit yet, other than apples. 

He still takes two naps a day, usually in the morning and later afternoon. He takes a bottle to go to sleep, and likes to be rocked. We may need to end that soon. He loves his binky and always has. He usually carrying around a binky or two.

He likes to play with balls, loves the bath, loves to be chased, and play with anything and everything in all the cabinets. He does not like his diaper changed, or his teeth brushed. He still doesnt love the car seat, but he has improved a lot since he was a new baby. He likes baby einstein movies, and thats about all for shows. He finally will sit and let you read a book to him, but not always. 

He loves to dance, and has the cutest little dance moves. He loves to kiss and hug little kids his size, it is so cute! We basically spend 3 hours in the halls at church, its kind of a nightmare. 
He is our tiniest kid by far, barely 20 lbs and wearing 12 month clothes for the most part, sometimes smaller. But he still has a huge personality, its darling.

He is not talking really at all. He just says uh all day. He tries to say a few things, like ball, dada, mama, hi, and no. But definitely not a talker. He has the cheesiest little smile he does when he wants something though, cracks me up.  He is such a funny boy and likes to be silly and have people laugh. 

Its been so fun to have him in our home and watch him grow and develop a personality. He loves his brother and sister so much, and rushes to get daddy when he comes home from work. I can't wait to see him grow and see who he becomes!

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