Monday, July 11, 2016

Westbrook at 5

This sweet boy seriously brings so much joy to our family. He makes us all laugh daily, and I am so glad he is ours. He has been in gymnastics for quite a while now, and has progressed so much. He was invited to be on the competition team, but we didnt do it this year. I think we need to get him used to kindergarten first before adding all those hours of gymnastics to his schedule.

I cant believe I have to send him to school in a few short weeks. I cant describe how much I am going to miss him. I love spending our days together, and Cove and I are both going to miss having him here. I am not quite sure how he will handle school, but as of right now he is excited to go. I hope he loves school, and learning Chinese as much as Ever does.

West is such a great brother, and he has adjusted to the baby better than I could have imagined. He makes him laugh like nobody else does and Cove just adores him. He is the snuggliest kid, and loves to snuggle up to Rhett or I with his blanket. He has been coming down and sleeping with Rhett pretty much every night.

He loves to dance and asks to take break dancing classes daily. He also wants to do karate. He and Ever are taking a parkour class together right now and they both are having the time of their lives. He is the youngest in the class by a couple years, but you would never know it. He keeps right up and is such a coordinated kid. It will be interesting to see what he ends up doing when he is older. He loves so many things.

A few more funny things about West, he eats all the dang time, and is never full. He loves watching shows, and movies. He loves panda express and cheeseburgers the most I think. He loves going to get treats at the gas station, and the other day I told him we couldn't go. So he told me he could not wait until he had his own car because he is going to go the gas station every day and get a pop and treat. He is easy to make happy and can have fun doing almost anything. He asks to play with his cousin Kort daily, and they have a great time together. He gets so tired around 730/8 every night, and can fall asleep just about anywhere.

We feel so lucky to have him in our family! He truly is an amazing little boy, and I can't wait to see him grown into an even more amazing man!

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